Beyond each corner,
new directions lie in wait.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

I see my coaching offer as an invitation to be in touch with one's own strengths and potentials in all situations of life. And to develop from there new perspectives and well-grounded paths to shape one's life.

finding new grounds

walking new paths

Systemic Coaching

The Path to Your Own Solution

Whether it's personal or professional concerns, in coaching conversations, we explore the range of actions available to you. We work out a suitable goal for you and find viable ways to achieve this goal.

Our focus is on concrete possibilities for action and all available resources to develop resilient solutions. This approach helps discover areas of empowerment even in difficult or challenging situations, leading to well-aligned decisions.

This is a goal- and solution-oriented short-term support. Tangible results are achieved in just a few sessions, effectively addressing the issues at hand.

Who are you confined to your life story?

Who are you free of it?

“The Work” by Byron Katie

The path to inner answers

If you struggle in daily life – and who doesn’t? - it is worthwhile to explore negative thoughts that burden everyday life and relationships. The method "The Work", developed by Byron Katie and tested over many years, provides a suitable framework for this purpose. The structured and profound process aims to question experiences that cause stress and suffering. In doing so, underlying belief patterns become visible. Once we become aware of them, these insights help to attain freedom and joy, create space for new experiences, and permanently alter old rigid patterns.

The Work is an effective method of self-clarification that brings relief and enables a profound encounter with oneself.

The method is also a form of self-help, as all materials are available for free download, and with some practice, one can effectively "work" on their stressful thoughts independently.

About me

My focus lies on the whole person and their individual life story. I love assisting others in discovering their own truth and paving the way for joy, meaning, and self-worth.

My coaching is based on a deep belief that every person carries within themselves the strength, wisdom, and experience to bring about growth and change. Sometimes, we are not aware of these competencies and resources. Often, in challenging life situations where we face high pressure, conflicts, tensions, or uncertainties, they may seem unavailable. Throughout my life, I have experienced firsthand how valuable and game-changing an appreciative and structured support can be in such situations.

As a coach, I provide a safe space and a helpful framework to explore oneself, to address one's questions, potentials and limits, and make them accessible for personal development.

  • Teacher (Master of Education)
  • Learning coach
  • Systemic counselor
  • Certified Faciliator for the work (ITW, Institute for the Work, USA)